Why I AM GRATEFUL for this LA Café

Café Gratitude is like honey to healthy bees in beautiful LA! I love this place so much and could eat here for days and still find new things on the menu. There is such a lovely energy at this place and the menu is filled with empowering affirmations and delicious choices that even a carnivore would find scrumptious. There is so much goodness at Café Gratitude and I am so GRATEFUL I was able to tick this place off my health bucket list. It is such a fun and trendy urban atmosphere in the heart of Venice beach and it is also the go to place for healthy celebrities, so you may find yourself like a sprouted gluten free organic sandwich between Beyonce or Jake Gyllenhaal.





You will find this serene urban spot on 512 Rose Avenue, Venice, CA. There are also two other locations in LA and a few others in the USA. You can find the details on the Café Gratitude website.






One of my favorite things about Café Gratitude is the beautiful and affirmation based menu. It is a fun and engaging concept where each item is named with a positive adjective, such as VIBRANT, AWESOME or FABULOUS. Every time I ordered my VIBRANT – matcha tea latte, I had to make an affirmation to the wait staff and say, “I am vibrant”. They would then repeat it back to me and say “You are vibrant”. To indulge in such positive energy when you order is a real treat for the soul and a welcomed energy boost especially after a 13 hour flight from Australia. This was the first place I visited in California and it certainly set the health bar high for the USA and my body thanked me for it!


Everything is presented exceptionally well and I had so much food envy as plates were delivered around me! The chefs here really are more like food artists and I found myself being a complete food tourist, taking photos of everything I ordered to so I could admire the presentation forever!




My ultimate favourite on the menu was the I AM SURRENDERING – The most decadent chocolate dessert! I loved everything about this place so much that I have featured it in my new Recipe ebook 12 Recipes 12 Countries. If you would like your free copy, subscribe here and I will send you a copy to enjoy!


Café Gratitude isn’t just a place to eat; it is a place to be. The meals are divine and the place is a philosophical phenomenon which really has to be experienced. I AM EXCITED to return to this unique and special place again soon. I Am GRATEFUL for this experience and I am sure you will be too!

Sarah Walsh
Active life explorer, writer