The 4 best tips for healthy travel

Do you love to travel but loathe the way it can derail your health routine? You spend all year committing to your health and wellness but then a trip away, for business or pleasure, undoes all your fabulous work. It’s so frustrating!


Travelling does not mean you need to take a vacation from your health routine! By nature, humans are creatures of habit and travel often departs us from our usual schedule and can often leave us vulnerable to unhealthy choices. Saying farewell to your kitchen, gym, juice bar and often time zone can be challenging but all it takes is a little advanced planning and preparation!


After working for years in the travel industry and as a health conscious traveller myself, here are my 4 best tips to ensure you enjoy good health AND the travel experience.


  1. Pack your trainers

This is number one on my list for good reason. Give your trainers priority in your suitcase!  I have just returned from New York and the only shoes I wore over there were my trainers.  Apart from it being the standard street uniform in NYC they were also a practical and comfortable way to stay active in the city. I know that if I stay physically active and keep up my travel fitness, I’m more inclined to eat well and will definitely feel better throughout the day.


Active Places Alert! I was also very impressed with the Westin on a recent stay in Singapore as they now have a service which loans guests gym gear including trainers and workout attire as part of their Westin Well-Being Movement.  This innovative healthy hotels program by Westin is a brilliant idea, especially if you get caught without your active wear.


  1. Stay active

This sounds so simple and it really is!  People often get caught in the trap of making exercise more of a big deal then it is.  This can be as simple as avoiding the travelator at the airport, taking the stairs, walking to dinner instead of catching a taxi, exploring the city by bike or a quick planking session on the hotel floor. There are so many ways to inject some movement into your day – just be creative and make it FUN!


  1. Google!

Every time I travel Google also gets quiet a workout!  Whether it is helping me search for a nearby juice bar, yoga studio, organic restaurant or health cafe, you will love discovering new healthy travel treasures and travel inspiration. These great online finds often lead me to connecting with like-minded people in my travels who can then teach me even more about the local culture and hot spots.  You may have even stumbled upon this very blog through Google! So thanks for stopping by! Actively seek and you shall find!


  1. Pack healthy travel food

This is one fail-safe way to ensure you don’t fall into the tempting trap of passing time with airline snacks!  During my years as cabin crew, I saw many passengers fall victim to the lure of processed snacks. Although some airlines occasionally offer a healthier option, I’m pretty sure that some of the snacks could make you feel worse than the jet lag! A little bit of preparation goes a long way to eating healthy while travelling. Some of my favourite healthy travel foods include nuts, berries, guacamole, hummus & carrot sticks.


Please note: certain foods are not allowed through Customs in different countries so you may wish to check that out. In my experience, I have been able to travel with my healthy snacks if I consumed them before disembarking.



I hope these travel tips help you stay on your health track during your next trip.  I would love to hear from you and any of your top tips for travel!

Sarah Walsh
Active life explorer, writer