Putting a pause on productivity in a float tank!

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Float tanks are popping up in all major cities in the world, and I was excited to try my first total magnesium emersion recently at the Float Space in West End, Brisbane.

The idea of soaking for an hour in magnesium was a huge draw card due to the myriad of health benefits of transdermal absorption of this wonder mineral.  The idea however, of total sensory deprivation was something I knew I would find challenging!  I had to wrap my busy mind around the fact that the whole purpose of the float tank was strive for a state of purposefulness and total relaxation.  Something so many of us struggle with in our fast paced lives, including me.

There are SO many benefits to taking an hour out of your day and entering this space of healing and rejuvenation such as:

* Deep relaxation which helps us tap out of our sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and tap into our parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest).

* Natural endorphin (happy hormone) release

* Pain management and muscle recovery

* Recent research has shown that the amygdala (the section of the brain responsible for fear detection and preparing us for emergency) activity is essentially ‘shut down’ during a float session which reduces anxiety.

In today’s overstimulated world, a float tank is a welcomed haven offering restoration and total forced relaxation!

Sarah Walsh
Active life explorer, writer