Our mission at Active Emporium is to create a place where you can be inspired to travel well through life.

Whether you’re spending months in Europe, weeks in Asia or minutes in a local town, Active Emporium can help you prioritise your health and wellness while still enjoying the travel experience.

Active Emporium was created by Sarah Curtis, a frequent traveler who didn’t want to compromise her health and wellness while she toured the globe (you can read more about Sarah’s story here). As it turns out, many of you feel the same way and are seeking the same sorts of ‘healthy’ alternatives in your travels.

Combined with Sarah’s expertise and commitment to travel wellness, Active Emporium offers you a unique selection of invigorating, nourishing and inspiring travel options around the world.

We understand that your health and wellness is a lifestyle that can’t just be left at home when you are out and about. Something as simple as yoga in your hotel room or a fresh, organic menu option in a foreign café (for example) can make all the difference and really enhance your travel experience, be it for business or for pleasure.

Be inspired to travel well with our selection of Active Places to see, Active Pieces to wear, Active Plates to enjoy, plus so much more. We invite you to take a tour of Active Emporium’s website and enjoy the view!

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